The TODO_PACKAGE_NAME package provides TODO.

More description of package.

Once you know the basics, or if you’re looking for a specific function, you can head over to the TODO_PACKAGE_NAME Haddocks to check out the full API documentation!

Provided Components

  • A: support for A


You’ll need PACKAGE >= 0.1.2 for a few of the examples. See Version Requirements for info on how to check which version you have and how to upgrade.

Looking for more resources?

If you’ve worked your way through the documentation here and you’re looking for more examples or tutorials you should check out:


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Installing and using the TODO_PACKAGE_NAME package

Version Requirements

For some of the examples you’ll need PACKAGE >= 0.1.2.

You can check to see which version you have installed with:

TODO: Instructions for how to see what version you have.

Importing modules

All of the modules in TODO_PACKAGE_NAME should be imported qualified (TODO: maybe they shouldn’t be) since they use names that conflict with the standard Prelude.

import qualified TodoPackage.A as A


Start the GHCi REPL with ghci or stack ghci. Once the REPL is loaded import the modules you want to use and you’re good to go!

In a Cabal or Stack project

Add TODO_PACKAGE_NAME to the build-depends: stanza for your library, executable, or test-suite:

        base >= 4.3 && < 5,
        TODO_PACKAGE_NAME >= 0.1.2 && < 0.2

and import any modules you need in your Haskell source files.